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  • Game Selection: (Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)5.0
  • User Interface: (Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Half-Star)4.5
  • Promotions: (Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)4.0
  • Support: (Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)5.0
  • Overall: (Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Half-Star)4.5


Fanduel Website

The site is simple and clean.  It has a traditional top nav with the major functionality.  Entering a new team is incredibly simple.  The lobby stores your preferences, which helps, especially if baseball is your game and another sport is not.  You can get to your contests instantly.  The “My Account” tab allows you to deposit, withdraw, and see your entire history immediately.  If chat is your thing, you can chat instantly in a real-time feed.  The website is fast and works seemlessly.  Fanduel has the best interface of all daily fantasy websites.

Scoring and Format

The fanduel baseball scoring system is simple.  Simple isn’t necessarily bad, but it may not be the best choice for an advanced player wanting in depth scoring.  It tracks all the traditional categories for offense -walks, hits, extra base hits, sbs, runs, rbi’s, hbp.  Pitching is even more simple.  IP is worth 1, K is worth 1, ER is -1, and a W is worth 5.  This means wins and strikeouts are highly valued in Fanduel.  Read more on the Fanduel strategy page.

Community and Game Selection

Unlike other daily fantasy sports sites, Fanduel will almost always give you the game you want.  There are games at every dollar level, from $1 to $535 per contest.  You can play in tournaments with thousands of others or you can play in head to head contests.   There are also freerolls and free games not for money.


Every time I have had an issue, support has been nearly immediate.  A few times, there has been a problem with the site or a particular set of contests.  Without fail, the issue is corrected promptly and fully.  Moreover, support is a pleasure to work with.

Fanduel Promotions

On the whole, I personally wish there were more Fanduel promotions.  The few promotions they do have are excellent.  The DFBC (Daily Fantasy Baseball Challenge) is what a promotion should be.  The DFBC is a tournament held each year in Las Vegas.  There are only 25 participants!  The winner of the tourney gets $100,000!  You must win a qualifying tournament in order to make it to the main event in Vegas.  Qualifying events are held every Friday night until the middle of July.

Fanduel Freerolls

Fanduel relies on its reputation as the Best Daily Fantasy Sports Site to attract players.  Fanduel does not have a lot of freerolls.  I am working on organizing a Fanduel freeroll.

However, there is one weekly Fanduel freeroll open to all depositors.  You must make a deposit to qualify.  Depositing takes two seconds with Paypal.

Room for Improvement

The Forum leaves a little bit to be desired.  It’s not as active as the site as a whole.  More freerolls and other Fanduel promotions would also be advantageous.  If you were able to

Overall Fanduel Review

The gold standard of daily fantasy sports websites.  The scoring is generally not quite as advanced, but that’s okay.  Advanced daily fantasy sports players should play both at Fanduel and another of the DFS sites.

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