DraftStreet Review


  • Game Selection: (Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)3.0
  • User Interface: (Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)4.0
  • Promotions: (Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)3.0
  • Support: (Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Half-Star)3.5
  • Overall: (Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Half-Star)3.5


Scoring and Format

DraftStreet Daily Fantasy is more complicated and advanced.  This is a good thing for the advanced daily fantasy baseball player.  Fanduel only rewards the basic scoring categories.  Draftstreet, on the other hand, rewards a more complete picture of good performance.  It’s much harder to luck your way into winning with DraftStreet.  Over time, those who win on Draftstreet are genuinely good fantasy baseball players.

For example, offensively, an out does not mean negative points.  Grounding into double plays and striking out, on the other hand, do mean negative points.  Pitching points are handled far differently.  DraftStreet’s pitching scoring is more likely to correspond to a good or bad outing than other daily fantasy baseball sites.

If you are an experienced fantasy baseball player, I recommend diving right in with DraftStreet.  If you are new to fantasy or new to daily fantasy baseball, I still recommend signing-up with DraftStreet, just enter in more slowly.  Don’t put your whole bankroll out there in one night.

DraftStreet, unlike other daily fantasy sites, has good “other format” daily fantasy games, such as snake draft and pickem.  Sign-up to learn more.

Read more on the DraftStreet strategy page.

Community and Game Selection

DraftStreet is plenty active enough to get a good game at anytime.  It is not the most active daily fantasy site, however.  Sign-up early because, especially on weeknights, DraftStreet has relatively small entry pools that do fill up.  Head to head matchups leave a little bit to be desired, but small pool games (3-6 participants) are a good source of action.

The community at DraftStreet is very engaged in fantasy baseball.  It’s full of die hard fans who know the game and love the game.  If that’s you, it is a great community for your to join.


Every time I have had dealings with support, I have been happy.  By and large, DraftStreet appears to encourage feedback and asks customers for a DraftStreet review.

Good daily fantasy baseball sites have live chat support anytime there are lineups being prepared or games being played.  Increasingly, that is close to all of the time.  DraftStreet keeps up nicely from a support perspective.

Draftstreet Website

Unfortunately, a more complicated game demands a more complicated interface.  Their website is a little bulky.  It feels confusing.  Like anything, once you play with it enough, it gets easier.  😉

Little things irritate, like the need to relogin every time.  They have their security reasons, I’m sure, but I find it mildly annoying.  Lineups get entered from a small window, which is neither good nor bad, just different.  Another minor annoyance is the site opening a new tab with nearly every click.

DraftStreet Promotions

A major DraftStreet promotion is the DraftStreet “Street Creds” program.  It’s essentially DraftStreet loyalty points.  You get approximately 5 street creds per dollar spent. Strangely enough, you seem to get less Street Creds the more you spend in one sitting.  This should be different, and, perhaps, by the time you are reading this, it is.  You can use your points to make purchases at the DraftStreet Store.  Hopefully, with time, their merchandise selection will expand.

They have an annual DraftStreet Baseball Championship.  It has over $200,000 in annual prizes.  Just like other aspects of the site, it’s for a slightly more advanced player.  I encourage you to read more, after you sign-up.

DraftStreet Freerolls

DraftStreet runs freerolls on a non regular schedule.  I am going to work with Draftstreet’s marketing department to create a Daily Fantasy Baseball freeroll for DailyFantasyBaseball.org.

Room for Improvement

DraftStreet’s blog does not have enough posts.  It’s also not the most interesting content.  I’m not sure why they even bother.  Additionally, the Street Creds program could use a little bit more action.

Overall DraftStreet Review

The rake or juice at the higher dollar games are slightly lower on DraftStreet.  This makes it perhaps the best high roller daily fantasy baseball game.  It also might be the best for the purist, who wants daily fantasy points to truly reflect how much a player benefits his team.  The scoring is unmatched.

The added level of sophistication makes for a more advanced game, but it also makes for a more complicated site.