DraftDay Review


  • Game Selection: (Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)3.0
  • User Interface: (Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)4.0
  • Promotions: (Full-Star)(Full-Star)2.0
  • Support: (Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)5.0
  • Overall: (Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Full-Star)(Half-Star)3.5

draftdayScoring and Format

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DraftDay uses relatively standard scoring and format.  They rank between Fanduel and DraftStreet for level of scoring sophistication.  This is the appropriate amount.  Fanduel is slightly over simplified, DraftStreet a bit too complex.  Hitters scoring is the same as Fanduel – essentially 1 point per total base, one point each for runs, rbis, walks, and HBPs, stolen bases are worth two.  Pitchers scoring rewards wins, strikeouts, innings, and complete games.  Penalties are assessed for hits, earned runs, walks, and hit batsmen.

Small and large tournaments, as well as head to head matchups are all available.  Tournaments last only one day and, without exception, use a salary cap method for selecting a team.  Teams consist of each position, as well as two pitchers.  There is also one DH.

Game Selection

It seems to be improving everyday.  DraftDay is slightly newer than the other established sites, but it is gaining fast!  And, without a doubt, this means their games are filling up.  As our legality section talks about, operators of daily fantasy sports sites are required to declare the prizes ahead of time.  Therefore, DraftDay is only likely to run games which will either fill-up or come very close to filling up.  Long story short, the games run.  They don’t have quite the volume of games that


My few dealings with support have been uneventful.

DraftDay Website

The website is simple, perhaps simplistic.  But if it comes down to overly simple, or overly complex, I’m going to simple every day of the week.

DraftDay Promotions

The DraftDay founders have a background in poker and poker coaching.  No where is this more evident than in the DraftDay promotions.  They have what they call the DraftDay Online Championship of Fantasy Sports.  It is a series of tournaments, not unlike the World Series of Poker.  (I imagine they would have called it the World Series of Fantasy Sports, if that wouldn’t be a trademark violation.)

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