Playoff Fantasy Baseball for Money

Thanks to the UIGEA fantasy sports carveouts and the daily fantasy baseball industry, chances are you can play playoff fantasy baseball for money.  Part of the fantasy sports laws say it needs to be fantasy sports, not just backdoor gambling.  This generally means your players must come from two or more real-life contests and three or more teams.

In practicality, this means you can play playoff fantasy baseball for money when there are at least two games happening at a time.  The wild card games, the American and National League Division Series, and the ALCS and NLCS all allow for this rule to be followed with ease.  You can literally play playoff fantasy baseball and have it last only a day or two.  You can also play and have it last for just championship series, or just the world series.  There are many options.

The key is where to play playoff fantasy baseball for money.  The sites to choose from include Fanduel, DraftStreet, and DraftDay, among others.  Use this page to compare daily fantasy baseball sites and make your decision about where to deposit.

Strategy is similar but slightly different for the playoffs vs. the regular season.  One key, if your contest includes multiple games with the same team – always go for he who will have the most at-bats.  Sometimes it’s just about games played.  This is especially true if you are picking players for multiple playoff rounds.  First, the team must win!  Second, worry about the players.  Therefore, it pays to bracket out who you believe the winners will be.

There are other keys.  Look for playoff experience.  Conversely, look for flash in the pan brilliance – a young guy who is too inexperienced to know how big of a stage he is on.  Stay away from guy’s who have playoff experience but never seem to do well in the bright spotlight.  Additionally, recent performance means more than a marquee name.  Just because a guy is a household name does not mean he’s going to bring you daily fantasy baseball success in the playoffs.  Find pitchers who might pitch two and three times or more.  And, as ever with fantasy sports, find value at all costs.

You can’t go wrong with any of the sites on the compare page.  Research carefully.  Have fun and good luck!