For me, making daily fantasy baseball picks is a repeatable process.  A lot of information needs to processed very quickly.  I play daily fantasy baseball about 4-5 times per week, though I only publish picks twice per week.  They are free.  You can get the picks on the homepage – Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks.

1.  Open Websites

I open a new browser, dedicated only to daily fantasy baseball information sites.  I open each at the same time, then review them in the same order.

2.  Baseball Weather

I need to make sure games aren’t going to be rained out.  The majority of daily fantasy sites simply throw out the game if it wasn’t played.  Therefore, any player from the rained out game in my lineup  doesn’t play.  Zero points.  Can’t happen.  I use Daily Baseball Data’s weather site.

3.  Daily Fantasy Baseball Sites

I open each site I play at, and I play at them all.  (You can compare daily fantasy baseball sites here.)  You need to know of quirks specific to that site.  You also need to be able to enter your lineups as you pick your players.

4.  MLB Lineups

If a player isn’t playing, I don’t get any points.  This can’t happen.  This game is about exploiting little advantages.  Open a browser tab to a site with lineups.  I use both MLB’s lineups page or the Rotogrinders lineups page.

Often, I want or need to use players from games whose lineups I won’t yet know.  For that reason, I also open a tab with my regular fantasy baseball sites – either Sportsline or ESPN.  These sites give me player news I might have missed.  If a guy has the flu, I need to know it.

Strategy and Matchups

The Real Work Begins

After you have have each website open as reference, the real homework starts.  I review the daily batter v. pitcher matchups.  I use Daily Baseball Data’s daily matchups page.  At first I review it for obvious mismatches.  If a batter hits .450 off a certain pitcher in 40 at-bats, there’s something to that.  However, the matchups don’t tell the whole story.

For instance, if the batter who has hit that particular pitcher well has been struggling, and the pitcher has been lights out, the batter is not

Go to the Splits

Beyond just general matchups, there are what’s known as splits.  Split statistics show stats under certain conditions.  Stats I use include day/night, home/away, vs. specific team, specific months, and recent.

There is no end to baseball statistics.  My “algorithm” uses as many of the stats as possible.  It takes me about two hours to prepare.

Good Pitching Beats Good Hitting

Daily fantasy baseball picks start with good pitching.  I use the MLB daily probables as my starting place.  It gives last three starts and last ten years vs. that opponent, both of which I use in addition to the more in-depth splits.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks

Know Thy Site

I always remember which of the daily fantasy sites I’m playing on.  Different sites have different rules, meaning players should be picked specifically for that site.  A third tier starter probably has no place in Fanduel, but might be the pick of the day in DraftStreet.  (Review the strategy pages for more in-depth information.)

Read More Than One Source of Information

Get picks from more than one source.  Study them.  Study the numbers.  Make your Own Call.  Have fun.

I Don’t Always Win, But I’m Always Prepared