Fanduel Strategy

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The following is for Fanduel Baseball Strategy.  For football: Fanduel Football Strategy.

Fanduel Specific

Register Early

Because it is the most popular daily fantasy sports site, Fanduel tournaments fill up early.  Register early.  Unlike DraftStreet, you need to fill out a roster at the time of entering.  If the tournament is going to fill up quickly, register with any team, then edit the roster later.  But you should also register early so you don’t need to fiddle with rosters down to the wire.

Simple Game

Fanduel’s is a simple game.  Be aware of this.  Fanduel uses basic scoring, and any good Fanduel strategy should remember the simplicity.  See hitting and pitching below, as well as the Fanduel Review.  Also, the Fanduel salary algorithm changes salaries slower than other daily fantasy sites.  Use it to your advantage!


There are only four pitching scoring categories total.  Innings, earned runs, strikeouts, and wins.  One point for each strikeout and five points for a win mean that is the game.  You have to target wins and strikeouts in Fanduel.  Spend the money to get quality pitching.  Money doesn’t always mean the pitching will be good, but it’s okay to spend a lot.  Furthermore, a little Fanduel secret – players never go over 9900.  I think the Fanduel software is structured that way.  Pitchers are often worth more.


Hitting strategy in Fanduel all stems off of pitching strategy.  You need to spend to get the quality starter.  Therefore, you need to find value in your hitters. Catchers and outfielders are often the best place to find value.  Make sure your value players are starting!  For that matter, make sure your stars are starting too.

Target Bad Pitching

Stacking a lineup against bad pitching is often the key to success.  Certain pitchers are either terrible, in a funk, or both.  Find them and play hitters against them.

Manage Your Bankroll

You can be a winning daily fantasy sports player.  However, this might not happen overnight.  Spend some time to learn the game.  Your bankroll is the amount you have to play daily fantasy sports.  Don’t risk your entire bankroll in one night.

50/50 contests pay out half of all places.  The rake on these is more than other games, but they are an excellent way to get your feet wet and not risk quite as much.  Furthermore, playing head to head reduces your variance significantly.  The smaller the player pool, the more likely you are to win.

Other Daily Fantasy Sites

Different sites have different player pools and different salary algorithms.  Signing-up with other sites and checking with those sites will teach you how to win on Fanduel.  Sign-up with DraftStreet, DraftDay, and Daily Joust now.  Learn their algorithms.  You can spot value in Fanduel just by seeing what the other sites are doing.

The single best way to win at daily fantasy baseball is to play.  The more you play, the more you learn.