DraftStreet Strategy


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The following is for DraftStreet Baseball Strategy.  For football: DraftStreet Football Strategy.

DraftStreet Specific Strategy

It’s a Complex Game

DraftStreet is a game for the advanced fantasy baseball player.  It’s crucial that you know the rules and know the differences in the scoring system.  See hitting and pitching below, as well as the Fanduel Review.  Also, the Fanduel salary algorithm changes salaries slower than other daily fantasy sites.  Use it to your advantage!


There are four pitching spots on any given night.  There are two SP’s, one RP, and one spot that can be either.  Everything counts.


Target Bad Hitting

This is the opposite of Fanduel strategy.

Manage Your Bankroll

This strategy for daily fantasy sports is consistent through all sites – Manage Your Bankroll.  Just like poker, fantasy sports is a game of skill.  (Even the law says so!)  But also just like poker, luck plays a part.  On any given night, you can do all of your research right.  You can see every angle and ou can still lose.

Different Perspectives

Being a member of every daily fantasy sports site out there will make you a good player.  Multiple sites make you a winner because you learn from each one.  Different sites adjust salaries differently.  A different group of players frequent different sites.  The best players – the winners – play them all.  Winners don’t necessarily play each site every night, but playing each with a certain regularity will help make you a winning daily fantasy player.  Sign-up with the sites you aren’t already a member of – Fanduel, DraftDay, and Daily Joust.  Learn their algorithms.


The single best way to win at daily fantasy baseball is to play.  The more you play, the more you learn.