Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice

The Top 8 Tips for Winning at Daily Fantasy Baseball

  1. The Trend is Your Friend – Players are Streaky.  Take Advantage.
  2. Play within Your Bankroll – You may be the best daily fantasy baseball player around.  But if you have $100 and lose it, you’re screwed.
  3. Don’t be that Guy – Don’t start players from the daily rainout.  Don’t start guys who have the flu.  Don’t start the catcher on his offday.
  4. Never think of a guy as “just cheap” – You have to get production out of the whole lineup, not just stars.
  5. Even stars aren’t stars every day – It’s about matchups, not name brands.  You will find that stars are who they are because they have good matchups vs. a lot of opponents.  But not all opponents.
  6. Learn to Read Splits! – The devil is in the details.  Learn to use obscure statistics to your advantage.  Do you know who hits the best on Sunday day games?
  7. Know Thy Site – Different Daily Fantasy Baseball Sites have different rules.  These subtle differences can mean everything.
  8. Exploit the Little Advantages – Daily Fantasy Baseball is about mistake reduction.

The last one is incredibly important.  Your opponents will make mistakes.  They will start guys who aren’t playing.  They will pay too much for the guy who hit two homers yesterday but has a terrible matchup today.  Your opponents will miss the weather report.  Don’t make mistakes.  Watch your opponent make mistakes.

Read the strategy pages.  The Fanduel strategy page, the Draftstreet strategy page, and Daily Joust page all contain valuable information.  The differences in rules and in scoring can matter a lot.