Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup 4/23/15

Lineup 4-23

May 17, 2014

Daily fantasy baseball picks for Saturday’s early games only.  I turned around my fortunes with last night’s games, so I’m playing afternoon baseball.  (Gambling be like that!)  You can sign-up for my free daily fantasy baseball picks here.


  • Shelby Miller– I’m happy to stake my afternoon on this guy.  The splits favor it!  Last year, Miller had a 2.62 era during day games, compared to a still good 3.17 at night.  Importantly, he also had a 1.75 at home compared to a 4.57 on the road.  That’s a pronounced difference.  This year’s numbers also bear out the trend, though more modestly.  He is facing a good Braves team, but those splits can’t be ignored.  Also, I think Aaron Harang is still in the process of coming back to earth.  He’s an over 4 era guy this year, despite his white hot start.


  • Jhonny Peralta  – I think he will be among those helping Miller to victory.  He’s 10-28 lifetime against the Braves veteran right-hander.  He also has two homeruns against him.  He’s hit in three straight and in 9 of his last 10.  Peralta has eight homers on the year.

Lineup Stack

  • Nationals– When I saw they let Bartolo Colon out of assisted living for this one, I had to stack the lineup!  In all seriousness, his last outing was atrocious.  I think his (likely) steroid aided swan song of last year is just about over.  In limited at-bats, it seems quite a few Nationals see the ball off Colon.  (Legal disclaimer: I have no idea if Colon is actually using steroids, nor do I know if he does or not qualify for Medicare.)


  • Nate McLouth – Part of my lineup stack  against Colon will include lefty McLouth.  He’s out to a super-slow start with only 7 hits in 62 at-bats, but the guy can play and Colon is old.  Careful, however, in case Colon breaks a hip and the Mets bring in a lefty.  Hairston will be batting for Nate.

Pick of the Afternoon

  • Peralta– Hot hitter, good history against Harang.  I like it!

May 16, 2014

DFB Picks for Friday night 

Not only have my picks been cold lately, guys have been getting hurt.  I picked Fernandez.  Within days he needs Tommy John.  Hopefully I don’t send anyone to Dr. Andrews this evening.

Also, take note: Yankees-Pirates is already rained out and multiple others are in jeopardy.


  • Jered Weaver– Weaver is on a roll.  From my perspective, he’s doing it relatively quietly and under the radar, but maybe I’m just not paying enough attention.  In his last three outings, Weaver is 3-0 with a 1.83 era and 18 strikeouts.  Pretty strong lines.  Fanduel backs up my under the radar theory, as they are only pricing him at 7.6.  Will Myers has a good history against him, and is heating up.  I might play them both in a head to head matchup.  If you want security, spend the money on Darvish.  If you really want to go out on a limb, go with Miley.  The Dodgers don’t hit lefties well, with the second lowest team batting average in the majors against southpaws.


  • Adam Dunn  – He’s back from a calf injury.  And everyone has learned what Abreu can do.  Jose gets pitched around tonight by the young, weak starter.  Dunn cashes in.

Lineup Stack

  • White Sox– Big bats against a guy who shouldn’t be pitching in the majors.

Pick of the Day

  • Dunn– Can I get two homeruns?