Why Should You Listen to Me?

Good question.  Be skeptical.  Of everyone, all the time.

I Win

First and foremost, above all else, I win.  I might be the nicest guy.  I might write the best site reviews.  I might publish my picks every Friday and Sunday, like clockwork.  But if I don’t win, you shouldn’t listen.  I win at daily fantasy baseball.

I started playing fantasy baseball in the late ’90’s.  I didn’t win much at first.  But I was obsessed.  I stayed with it, learning as much as I could.  I started to win a little.  In the mid 2000’s, the first versions of daily fantasy baseball came around.  I placed in the first Rotohog competition.  Then I won $19,000 in a CDM contest.  (Neither of those contests are still around in the same form.)  Ultimately, I was #44 on Fantasy Sports Magazine’s top 50 fantasy baseball money winners list.  Fantasy Sports magazine was published by Fanball.

I Do the Homework for You

To play daily fantasy baseball for high stakes, you need to be prepared.  I study the matchups.  All the matchups.

I want to win for myself.  I spend a ton of time.  Here’s my process.  I spend about two hours preparing before making my picks.

  • Favorable batter vs. pitcher matchups
  • Recent performance of projected starters
  • Confirming players are in the lineup
  • Daily weather conditions
  • Careful review of splits (Read What are Splits?)
I give away my picks, so you will sign-up for daily fantasy sports sites.  Those sites pay me for signing-up new players.  In addition, I hope you will forward my picks to your friends and they will sign-up.  Plus, when I have to communicate my picks to you, I think it through better.  I have a higher chance of winning.


I Give Honest Reviews and Opinions

I’m a lawyer.  An honest lawyer.  (It’s not an oxymoron.)  I tell it like it is.

I Win at Daily Fantasy Baseball

Did I mention I win?  Is anything else really that important?  My picks go out twice a week.  Sign-up here.