May 9, 2014

DFB Picks for Friday evening

– also see today’s earlier post – Hot Streaks or Pitcher History?


There are quite a few quality options on the hill tonight, including Wacha, Verlander, Tanaka, and Darvish.  There are even more in value names like Teheran, Gallardo, Hammel, Cueto and more.  Ultimately, however, I’m going with the top dog.

  • Jose Fernandez– The guy is white hot.  He’s given up 30 hits in 46 innings with 65 strikeouts (65!).  That means he’s pacing well over 300 strikeouts.  Even when he’s bad he strikes out eight guys.  Wait, he’s never bad. … One day, he won’t have his best stuff and he’ll give up 4 earned in 5 innings.  I’m thinking today is not that day.  He’s pitching in San Diego, against a team that has been shut out three times in the last nine games.  (They’ve scored a grand total of 17 runs in those 9 games.)


  • Eric Hosmer  – He started slowly, only hitting his first homerun in his last series at San Diego.  However, last year I think he hadn’t hit a single homerun until post May and he finished with 17.  He’s still a young guy, despite being an anchor in the middle of that KC lineup.  He’s 11 for his last 30 with 4 xbh and 8 rbi.  Strong.  He faces Seattle’s Maurer tonight, with his 6.92 ERA.

Lineup Stack

  • Mariners or Royals– I’m envisioning a slugfest tonight in the Great Northwest!


  • George Springer – If you ever read these picks, you know I love this guy.  Fanduel does not love this guy, though he has moved all the way up from 2200 to 2300 in salary on this Friday evening.  He’s facing the Orioles’s Chen.  The lefty Chen has not been spectacular.  Springer hit his first homerun on Wednesday.  The projected line I saw for him is 23 hr’s, 26 steals.  In five months.  Wah, whhaaattt?  I think he will put his slow start behind him.
  • Mike Zunino – This guy is starting to live up to billing in Seattle.  He’s 24-97 with five homers and 16 rbi.  He has two hr’s in his last 20 ab’s.

Pick of the Day

  • Hosmer– I’m searching for dingers.  Many dingers.  Mucho dingers.