Daily Fantasy Baseball Bankroll Management

So you want to be a winning daily fantasy baseball player.  You can be.  But first, you must realize you will hit winning streaks and losing streaks.  Just because you do a ton of research and study the numbers carefully does not mean you will win every night.  Daily fantasy baseball, along with all daily fantasy sports, is a game of skill.  However, it’s a game of skill in the way poker is.  Over time, if you know what you are doing, know how the game works, and put in your time, you will win.

In the short-term, on any given night, you might win or lose.  Ideally, you should strive to get about $1.10 back for every $1 you wager.  If you can sustain that, over time, it is an enormous win rate.  Think about it, that’s a 10% return on your money in 6 hours.  Everybody on Wall Street would kill for that kind of return.

But again, it’s not a straight line up.  You will win some and you will lose some.  Daily Fantasy Baseball is not for the faint of heart.  You need to have a bankroll in order to sustain the inevitable down periods.

The overall size of your bankroll isn’t what’s important.  The important point is the size of your bankroll to your average game size.  Also vitally important is the type of games you play in.  You want most of your games to have low variance.  The fewer competitors you have, the lower the variance.  The largest chance you will win is when you are playing someone “heads-up.”

My recommendations:

  • No more than 10-15% of your total daily fantasy sports bankroll at risk in one night (or one weekend if it’s weekly football.)
  • At least half of all of your daily fantasy baseball games be head-to-head.
  • In your head to head matchups, use at least two different starting pitchers.  (That means, by definition, you have at least two head to head games going)
  • A quarter of your nightly risk amount should be on games with 3-5 participants.
  • No more than a quarter of your nightly risk amount should be on games with 6+ participants, including daily fantasy baseball tournaments.

These recommendations assume you do not play 50/50 games.  50/50 games reduce variance in and of themselves, and allow you to play daily fantasy baseball tournaments more.  See our strategy section for more information on 50/50 games.