September Baseball!

I’ve had a great year playing fantasy baseball thus far.  I have a few teams in contention in some good season-long leagues, and I won about $1500 playing daily fantasy baseball at Fanduel last week.  The only bad thing, the Orioles are a little bit horrendous of late.  We still have a shot to sneak into the playoffs, but it seems to look a little less likely by the day.  Just not our year, I guess.

I thought it would be a good time to put up some daily fantasy baseball picks and to spruce up this site a little bit.  I always wanted more from this site, but simply haven’t had the time.  And unlike most other things in my life, I could never outsource any content on this site.  Being a father and playing daily fantasy baseball are simply not for outsourcing.  Having five lawyers working for me and having two kids I work for don’t leave me a lot of room in life.

However, I’ve got to be engaged in fantasy baseball on a daily basis anyway, so I figure why not post some picks while I’m at it.  I’m going to play virtually everyday in September, and I’m going to do so with some rules.  I’m starting with $1000 and using a daily fantasy baseball bankroll management strategy.  10% in play each night.  25% in each of the following:  a large tourney, a 5 or 10 team league, a 3 or 5 team league, and a head to head.

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Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for 9/1/15

Tonight is all about finding deep value so you can start Sale – at least in head to heads and smaller leagues.  In larger leagues, you might think everyone is doing that and switch up the strategy, hoping the Twins get to Sale.  (If you do make that bold move, I’d recommend Brian Dozier, as he has had some success against Sale in the past.)

For deep value ($2500 or less), here’s what I’ve got:

  • Evan Longoria – homered last night and has murdered Tillman’s pitching in the past with a lot of plate appearances
  • Josh Reddick – seeing the ball better of late, walking, favorable lefty-righty tonight against a weak pitcher
  • Marwin Gonzalez – most people missed the boat on this guy, who is now starting to hit pretty consistently
  • Matt Weiters – hitting from the right side against Smyly and due for a break out.

Generally, in daily fantasy baseball tournaments, I like to start guys who you wouldn’t be shocked to see hit two homeruns.  Marwin doesn’t fall into that category, but the others do.  If they hit two dingers you say, “Oh, good night.”  If Marwin does, you say, “Oh, career night.”

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Good luck to all playing daily fantasy baseball tonight and all September.


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